Maternity Leave Comes To An End...

Here I am... on the Eve of going back to work after about 6 weeks of Maternity Leave.

While I write this my 3 year old is lining up her stuffed animals and giving them a come-to-Jesus meeting in Amharic, my 6 year old just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap (we train them early around here) and my 14 year old is busy making Wii characters for the entire family. I'd say this is a lovely little Sunday afternoon.

I have absolutely adored my time with our kids... the attachment period has been incredibly valuable for our clan of 5.  Each day we have seen huge strides in our kids trusting us, believing us and knowing we are a forever family.

The unusual part of going back to work tomorrow, I will not actually be going back in the office this week... I will be taking a group of 3rd-5th Graders to Camp... including my own son. 

This is a first... in 15 years of Children's Ministry, I am packing 2 suitcases tonight and preparing my son to go with us to a week of fun and Jesus!

Tomorrow really begins our "new normal"... I am eager, thankful and excited about this next phase of our journey.  I too am very thankful to get back to work! 

Right around the corner our clan will soon discover school books, school open houses, apple festivals, thanksgiving meals and Christmas celebrations!

So... on this Eve of going back to work... I am excited for what is ahead and grateful to have had the opportunity to bond with our children during these last 6 weeks.

Blogging will be lean next week while my son and I are at Children's Camp!

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Me said...

Have a great time at camp!