To Christians Who Love The Donald, Cheer On Hillary or Are Feeling The Bern.

Christians disagree. I know that may be a newsflash for some, but tis true. We don’t always hold hands around a camp fire and sing 80’s choruses.  

Sometimes the banters are
  •       mild: seriously? What is UP with the new carpeting?
  •            medium: Why are we switching from hymn books and a choir to jeans and a band?
  •            moderate: Are we going to decide to minister only within our walls or are we going to love the community and the outsider?
  •             just awful: Who are you voting for?
All levels of banter may cause stress in us-humans.  Depending on your personality, the new carpeting in the hallway could be enough to pull out the sword of your tongue and slice your opponent up nicely.  For others, it takes getting to the just-awful stage before your weapon is wielded.

One thing I know for sure: People like Comebacks. 

Not comebacks like a Comeback-Kid. More of a quick-witted-reprimand-comeback from a hard topic debate point.

"...and then I said this to them..." 

"... Ooooh that's good... How did they respond?"

“…well, they had nothing to say, I clearly was right…” (and humble, apparently)

For the non-quick-witted person, you think of your Comeback when you arrive home an hour later: MAN! I shoulda said THIS! UGH… I might just text them that thought!

We tend to view the "other side" as our enemy and their opposite view is complete persecution to our existence. Bless our hearts.

Reminder: God is still in charge and is not panicking about: carpet, choir robes, jeans or Donald Trump.

Jesus had something to say about all of this: Love our enemies and pray for them.

This doesn’t mean we are silent on issues we find important (and culture-changing).  Everyone has opinions and convictions that can (and need) to be heard in a manner worthy of our new name. 

And as hard as it is to hold my own sharp, brattish, frustrated tongue, I know we can have a wise, convicting, and necessary exchange about hot topics without losing our ever-lovin-minds. (I too have a hard time living by this code.)

Truth be told: we need opinions! We need to hear each other. There are points that need to be discussed within Churches that need not remain silent.  Some bodies of believers are changing Cultures for the better and I believe most of that happened through open, honest, level-headed dialogue. 

Now about the political climate: I. Am. Stumped. (Don’t get that confused with Trumped)

Personally, I am baffled by the current situation in politics. I have so many thoughts, questions and nervousness that I need to talk about or I am going to burst.

But I am certain: I have opinions, you have opinions and somehow we can navigate these waters civilly.

So as a reminder to us all: If Donald-Lovers or Hillary-Cheerers are driving you absolutely nuts or you may not be feeling the Bern at all, lets live out the words in Romans: Bless and Do Not Curse.

And at the end of the day, may we all remember, we have been given a Kingdom mandate: Love God, Love Others.

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